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FlyportPRO is a powerful, low cost, low energy system on module that enables anything to connect to Internet.
FlyportPRO shrinks the development time needed to create a connected object from 6 months to few days.




No need for an external microcontroller, the one on FlyportPRO runs your application
The free IDEpro provides you a set of APIs to make your development easier
There are tutorials and code examples on our Wiki
There's a great community of users ready to share and help
We provide professional support and customization.

flyport pro


Make or buy?

Sure you make a complete board with microcontroller and transceiver on it, so what are the overall benefits to use FlyportPRO?

A carrier board for FlyportPRO is normally very simple (only passive components) since the complexity is on our module.
You can offer your customers 3 models of your product and for you it's just one simple carrier board.
You have not the high stock cost of having 3 different products. You just keep in stock the carrier board and you buy the right FlyportPRO model according to your market needs.
Each model of FlyportPRO have the same micro onboard: porting of your code couldn't be easier.
FlyportPRO is reliable and already applied in hundreds of products.
FlyportPRO is CE certified: this will reduce a lot the certification of your product.

Let's go a little into details, what FlyportPRO provides you?

Powerful and low power microcontroller (PIC24FJ256GB206)
802.11G certified transceiver (with on board antenna or uFL connector)
softAP mode or Infrastructure mode
A complete set of APIs for hardware control, low power modes management and connectivity.
A web server (customizable) to be the interface of your devices
Full set of connectivity functions (HTTP, TCP, FTP, UDP, SNTP,SMTP)
Firmware upgrade over internet (FOTA)
256k program memory, 96Kbyte RAM, 16Mbit FLASH, 64Kbit EEPROM
PPS: most of the pins are configurable by software
GPIO, PWM, analog inputs, UARTs, SPI, I2C
Perfect for battery powered applications: Sleep and Hibernation (down to 180uA)

Flyport PRO ETHERNET Specifications:

- 16 bits, 16 MIPS, PIC 24FJ256GB206 processor
- 256 Kbyte program memory + 96Kbyte RAM (32K base memory, 64K extended memory
- Base-T10/100 Ethernet transceiver
- 16Mbit FLASH onboard (for firmware upgrade and extra space for web server)
- 64Kbit EEPROM onboard
- RTC quartz onboard (32.768Khz)
- Low power - hibernation mode supported
- Remappable pinout by software
- up to 32 GPIO
- up to 10 Analog inputs (10 bit ADC onboard + 2.048V precise voltage reference onboard)
- up to 9 PWM
- up to 4 UART
- 2 I2C
- 1 SPI
- Very compact 34*34*9mm
- Zero investment, free IDE and bootloader
- Shrink the development time of a connected application