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Enocean Solar cell for use with STM 300/STM 300C


Enocean Solar cell ECS310

The indoor solar cells ECS300 and ECS310 are designed for use with the EnOcean sensor module STMXXX. They are available only with additional radio modules.

ECS310 Features

Size (tolerance ±0.2 mm) 50.0×20.0×1.1 mm
Number of cells 8
Open Circuit Voltage @200 lux, 25°C 4 V
Short Circuit Current @200 lux, 25°C 14 μA
Operating Voltage @200 lux, 25°C 3 V
Operating Current @200 lux, 25°C 11 μA
Operating temperature -20 °C ... +65 °C
Storage Temperature -20 °C ... +65 °C
Storage humidity <75% r.h.