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EPK350 : For upgrading ESK 300 Starter Kit to a developer kit


Enocean EPK350 programmer kit

EnOcean Programmer Kit EPK350 upgrades the Starter Kit ESK300 to the Developer Kit. If you have already the starter kit, this is the best way to start developing with Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Technology.

EPK350 comes with a combined programmer and demo board (EOP350), the transceiver module TCM320 and the universal sensor module STM300 on adapter board.
It supports line-powered applications based on transceiver modules and self-powered applications based on sensor modules including energy conversion and storage.

EnOcean modules offer a pre-defined feature set for energy management, data acquisition, data processing and wireless data transmission. User specific applications can be implemented based on the application programming interface (DolphinAPI).

EPK350 Key features

• Support the international standard for energy harvesting wireless radio protocol for self-powered applications : ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 and Enocean Alliance Equipement Profiles
• Ready to start with Enocean security protocol
• Contains transceiver module for line-powered applications e.g switching actuator, gateway and repeater.
• Programming & Configuration slots for STM300 on adapter, TCM320 and STM 3XY
• Easy prototyping of customer specific hardware with patch area, jumpers and pin connectors for all signals
• App notes, demos and firmware examples

EPK350 Benefits for developers

• Plug and play development kit for the Enocean platform
• Supports software and hardware development
• PC software for fast and easy development of self-powered sensors, gateways and actuators
• Competitive advantage over battery –powered wireless solution
• Competitive advantage over battery-powered wireless solution
• Technical support


1x EOP 350
1X TCM 320
1x STM 300
1x USB Cable
DolphinStudio software