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Reference: PTM332 (ask a question)

Enocean Transmitter module (without antenna)


Enocean transmitter module PTM332

The radio transmitter module PTM332 from EnOcean enables the implementation of wireless sensors and switches without batteries. Key applications are handheld remote controls or industrial switches. PTM332 can be connected to the energy converter ECO200 via a contact spring.

PTM332 Enocean features

Power supply ECO200 or equivalent energy pulse
Antenna Pre-installed whip antenna PTM330/300C external 50Ohm or whip antenna PTM332/332C
Frequency 868.3 Mhz (PTM33x) / 315 Mhz (PTM33x C)
Transmission power typ. 2 dBm at antenna base
Date rate / modulation type 125 kbps / ASK
Telegram Type RPS of type 2 (allows interpretation of operating two buttons simultaneously)
Digital inputs 4
Transmission range up to 200m free fiel, up to 30m indoor
Module dimensions 26.2 x 21.15 x 3.5 mm
Operating temperature -25 up to +65°C