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Reference: STM300 (ask a question)

Energy harvesting wireless sensor module


EnOcean STM300 : Energy harvesting sensor module

STM300 features an energy harvesting interface for the implementation of self-powered products. The minimal standby power consumption makes it especially suitable for energy harvesting wireless solutions such as bidirectional temperature sensors, sensors in building services and innovative actuators. STM 300 can be powered by a solar cell, available in two sizes - ECS300 and ECS310.

Features :

- 3 A/D converter inputs
- 4 digital inputs
- Configurable wake-up and transmission cycle
- Wake-up via Wake pins
- Voltage limiter
- Threshold detector
- Application notes for calculation of energy budgets and management of external energy storages


Antenna External whip or 50Ohms antenna mountable
Frequency 315 MHz for STM300C, 868.3 for STM300
Radio Standard Enocean 868 MHz / 315MHz
Data rate / Modulation type 125 kbps / ASK
Receiver Sensitivity (at 25° C) typ. -96 dBm (868MHz), -98dBm (315MHz) receiver available only via API
Conducted Output Power 2.1V-4.5V, 2.6V needed for startup
Current Concumption Deep Sleep Mode: 0.2 μA Receive mode (via API only): 33 mA Transmit Mode: 24 mA
Dimension of PCB 22x19x3 mm
Input Channels 4x digital input, 2x WAKE input , 3x analog input Resolution: 3x 8bit or 1x 10bit, 1x 8bit, 1x 6bi
Operating temperature –25 up to +85°C
Radio Regulations R&TTE EN 300 220 (STM 300) FCC CFR-47 Part 15 (STM 300C)

Features accessible via API :

- Integrated 16MHz 8051 CPU with 32KB FLASH and 2kB SRAM
- Receiver functionality
- Various power down and sleep modes down to 0.2μA current consumption
- Up to 16 configurable I/Os
- 10bit ADC, 8bit DAC