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Reference: STM310 (ask a question)

Energy harvesting wireless sensor module - including solar cell and whip antenna


Energy harvesting wireless sensor module STM310

The extremely power saving RF transmitter module STM 31x of EnOcean enables the realization of a wide range of wireless and maintenance free sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, or room operating panels.

STM 310: including whip antenna but no pre-installed solar cell.

STM310 Enocean Features


Power supply Pre-installed soled cell (except STM312 / STM312C) 2.1 V - 5.0V, 2.6V needed for start-up
Antenna 868.3 MHz (STM 31x)
Radiated outpout power Enocean STM310 , Enocean STM312 , : +8dBm (EIRP) STM311: +5dBm (EIRP)
Date-rate / Modulation type 125 Kbps / ASK
Start-up time with empty energy storage typ. <2.5 min @400 lux, 25°C
Initial operation time in darkness @25°C typ. 4days, if energy storage fully charged wake-up every 100s, transmission every 1000s on average
Input Channels 20 pin connector:3x digital input, 3x analog input, 2x WAKE inpu
Teach-in button 1x internal
Transmission indicator 1x LED
Module dimensions 34 x 16 x 8 mm
Operating temperature 20 up to +60°C