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Meet us at the Cebit 2009

Meet us at the Cebit 2009

From the 3 to 8 march 2009 the Cebit 2009 will take place in Hanover (Germany). This event regroup the elctronic market major actors and of course we'll be there to present you our very latest creation:

- Myday:

Myday is  a touchframe with Wi-fi and full media capabilities for the family. Based on the Wireless Media Frame Center ( WMFC ) technology, it includes all the latest wireless functionalities and intuitive navigation. All features like multilmedia, agenda and shopping list are very easy to use to help all the family to fully enjoy the latest technology.

- PN4000 et PN6000 TRUCK Version:

Latest GPS for truck use, with their Navtec Transport cartography and their wide screen that permit the best visual comfort, Trucks GPS add optimized guiding fonctionnalities for heavy lorry (dimensions, weight, "marchandises", …)  A detail that make this GPS the first of its kind as none of the mobile navigation system was ablet to point an itinerary  where, for example, a truck taller than 4m could circulate.

- Boosters:

Authentic innovation, boosters offers useful solutions for individuals as well as for industries. Indeed they permit  to obtain a GSM network cover where... you didn't have any! Thanks to a outdoor antenna, the low initial signal is amplified and then retransmit in your premises via a small indoor antenna. Sober and efficients, they can cover a surface from 80 to 1200m² according to the model.

Official link to the Cebit 2009 saloon.

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