GC-5415PCB 1


LoRa | SigFox | EnOcean

• Dimensions : 1,05mm x 75mm x 35mm
• Gain (dBi) :  2 dBi Max
• Câble et connecteurs sur mesure à la demande




    Electrical Specifications


    ISM (868 MHz)

    ISM (915 MHz)

    Impedance 50 Ohms
    Polarization Horizontal
    Gain 2 dBi max.
    VSWR* <2.5:1
    Power handling 5W
    Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
    Note For mounting on plastic cases

    *Stated  when placed on plastic board and connected with 30cm Microcoax 1.13


    Connection Specifications

    Connector type U.FL
    Cable Microcoax 1,13mm
    Cable length 15 cm

    For different cable length and connector type ask our sales team.


    Mechanical Specifications and Dimensions

    Material  FR4
    Max. dimensions 1,05mm x 75mm x 35mm
    Weight   5 g ‘weight counted with cable above





    Set Up

    • Tested on plastic board.
    • Used 30cm Microcoax 1,13 with U.FL.