GC-M0701GF 1



• Dimensions : 25mm × 25mm × 7.6mm
• Câble et connecteurs sur mesure à la demande



    Antenna and electrical specifications

    Parameters GNSS Ceramic Active Antenna  
    Standards GPS/QZSS/Galileo  
    Bands (MHz) 1575  
    Frequency (MHz) 1575.42  
    Passive Gain (dBi)    
    Impedance (Ohms)    
    Radiation Pattern    
    Voltage Range (V)    
    Active Gain (dB)    
    Noise Figure (dB)    
    Current Consumption (mA)    
    Power Consumption (mW)    
    Saw Filter Type    
    Out of Band Rejection (dB)    
    ESD Protection (kV)    
    Connector Type U.FL Standard (Other Connectors Available)
    Cable Length 100 mm Standard (Any Cable Length Available)
    Cable Type 1.37 mm Mini-Coax Standard (Other Cables Available)


    Mechanical and environmental specifications

    Specifications GC-M0701GF
    Dimensions (mm) 25 × 25 × 7.6
    Operating Temperature (C) -40 to +85
    Storage Temperature (C) -40 to +85
    Substance Compliance RoHS


    Antenna parameters