2G | LoRa | SigFox | EnOcean

• Dimensions : hauteur : 1340 mm
• Gain :  9 dB (Marine), 5 dBd, 7.1 dBi
• Câble et connecteurs sur mesure à la demande



Electrical specifications

Frequency 824 – 894MHz, 890 – 960MHz
Bandwidth 70MHz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Polarization Vertical
Gain 9 dB (Marine), 5 dBd, 7.1 dBi
VSWR <1.5
Max. Input Power 200 W


Mechanical specifications

Color White and chrome
Height 1340 mm
Mounting On 1’’ threaded pole (G1 »-11 thread) with Revolving Nut Kit  or on optionally brackets
Mounting place On mast or deck
Materials  PU-painted glassfibre, cooper, PTFE, PE and chromed brass
Operating temperatur -40°C to +70°C
Connector N-female
Cable No cable supplied
Ingress protection IP66
Serial no. On product label



Ordering informations

P/N 14099-001A: 824-894MHz (antenna – in polybag)
P/N 14099-002A: 824-894MHz (antenna – in carton tube)
P/N 14099-431A: 824-894MHz (antenna + 1’’ Revolving Nut Kit – in polybag)
P/N 14099-432A: 824-894MHz (antenna + 1’’ Revolving Nut kit – in carton tube)
P/N 14099-000B: 890-960MHz (antenna – bulk packing)
P/N 14099-001B: 890-960MHz (antenna – in polybag)
P/N 14099-002B: 890-960MHz (antenna – in carton tube)
P/N 14099-431B: 890-960MHz (antenna + 1’’ Revolving Nut Kit – in polybag)
P/N 14099-432B: 890-960MHz (antenna + 1’’ Revolving Nut Kit – in carton tube)


Packing informations

Type Bulk packing or individually packing in polybag or carton tube (see ‘’Part No.’’)
Size Approx 1.5 m
Weight 0.6 – 0.8 Kg