TETRA | ISM (433 MHz)

• Dimensions : 3.5 mm x 62 mm
• Gain :  2dBi
• Câble et connecteurs sur mesure à la demande




Electrical specifications

Frequency ISM/TETRA (433MHz)
Impedance 50 Ohms
Polarization Vertical
Gain 2dBi
VSWR <1:5.1 at center
<2:1 420-450 MHz
<4:1 395-485 MHz
Power handling 25W
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Connector type M4/M5/M6
Whip length 62mm
Whip diameter 13.2mm
Color Black
Material ABS


Mechanical specifications and dimensions

Material TPE
Dimensions 13.5 mm x 62 mm (D x L)
Weight 84 g antenna +  80 g threads = 164 g together
Color Black (for different colours please ask our sales team)




SET for measurement
Connection Antenna connected straight to DAMS platform
Temperature 25 °C
Center frequency 433 MHz
Span 500 MHz
Output power 10 dBm
Format type LOG Mag

DAMS positioner with AUT and reference antenna are placed in anechoic chamber




Electrical characteristics




3D Radiation pattern




-Easy by mating threads (M6-M6 / M6-M5 / M6-M4)

-For different threads ask our sales team



Description of bag

Polly bag: 100mm x 150mm – 0.1mm